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Charity Auction Program

Program Description


ReichPM is the leading provider of authentic sports and entertainment memorabilia for fundraising auctions at charity golf outings, galas, and functions in Western Pennsylvania. 

By incorporating ReichPM's consignment items into your live and/or silent auction, we are able to add significant revenue to your fundraising event. 

The ReichPM Consignment Auction Program is simple- we offer autographed and un-autographed memorabilia on consignment for your charitable/fundraising event with zero risk or out-of-pocket expenses to the host organization. 

We will consult with your charity/fundraising organization to find out the important details of your event as well as the taste of your guests and will customize the ideal mix of memorabilia for you and your attendees. 

Your organization receives 100% of the profits above and beyond the consigned cost. If the items sell, the organization receives all monies above the consigned cost.  

Many organizations utilize our services to fully furnish their entire silent and/or live auction. Other organizations that we work with already have an existing silent auction or live auction in place, and utilize our services to supplement their overall selection of items. Regardless of which category applies to your organization, our goal is to maximize your profits. 

Call us at 412-343-2626 or email us, ReichPM
so we can discuss how we can help you with your next event.



What sets ReichPM's Auction Consignment Program apart from the competition?


1. When partnering with ReichPM you will deal directly with one of the principles in our company. We pride ourselves on personalized service. 

2. ReichPM has an extensive selection of in-market and out-of-market items, many of which are exclusive to our company. We conduct signings directly with the athletes, and are able to offer unique items that your audience will not have seen elsewhere.

3. ReichPM has a genuine desire to assist your charity in maximizing your revenues. We provide the highest level of personalized service and commitment to the organizations that we serve. 


4. We value our products, we use only the best materials to frame our autographed memorabilia.  Each piece is locally custom framed utilizing acid-free matting and conservation glass to protect your memorabilia.


5.  ReichPM does not purchase items off of the secondary market nor do we carry items that have been Third Party Authenticated.  Third Party Authenticators certify authenticity based on opinion rather than fact.

5. Authenticity, Integrity and Reputation, ReichPM is a name you can trust.





Q: How does consignment work?
A: There is NO RISK to your organization when you receive an item on consignment. You pay for it if it sells. If it does not sell, you return it to us. 

Q: What is my cost for the auction items?
A: Each item has a "consignment cost" and we recommend that the charity sets the opening bid at least 20% above the "consigned cost". The charity keeps all monies above the "consigned cost" on all items that sell. 

Q: How much lead time do you need to assist a charity with an auction?
A: Typically, we would like to be advised of the date of your event 4-6 weeks in advance. However, we will accommodate the needs of your charity regardless of when you contact us even if your event is only a few days away.

Q: How do I know your items are authentic?
A: Every item we offer comes with a guaranteed Certificate of Authenticity (COA); it's not the COA that is important, it is the company that stands behind the COA that matters. Our reputation is built on the Authenticity and Integrity of every item we offer. ReichPM has conducted hundreds of autograph signings directly with athletes.  We do not carry items that have been Third Party Authenticated (companies such as PSA/DNA, JSA, etc) as these companies certify items authenticty based on opinion not fact.  We do not purchase items off of the secondary market unlike other companies.  Due to our extensive experience over the past two decades in the sports representation business, we have established long standing relationships with the other major memorabilia companies allowing us to access and stock items from their signings as well. 

Q: What is the minimum number of items that I can receive and still utilize ReichPM's Program?
A: There is no minimum; however, our experience has shown that with fewer than ten of our items, your organization severely limits your ability to maximize your results.  Every auction should include a variety of interests and price points.

Q: What happens if more than one person wants to buy one of your consigned items?
A: In most cases, we have multiples of the same items. Just contact ReichPM after your event, and if we have an additional piece of the item in question, we will provide it to you. This is an excellent way of dramatically increasing revenue at your event.





"The American Red Cross SWPA Chapter's experience with ReichPM was a fantastic one - from the time we walked in the first day to the final delivery, we were always treated in a first class way. But most impressive was their selection and quality of items. We were able to obtain several items from various price points so that everyone in attendance was able to bid. We received numerous comments during the event on how impressed people were of the sports items. And every one of the items was sold; it was a true win win for our chapter and Reich PM. I would highly recommend Reich PM to any other charities looking to increase the number of quality items to their auction." 
- Tom Wiese, Financial Development Officer, The American Red Cross

"We were introduced to ReichPM four years ago and decided to try a few items for our charity Ball auction. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the sports memorabilia did and have included items from them in all of our fundraisers (ball, ladies golf outing and men's clay shoot) ever since. ReichPM helps us offer items that we would never be able to have donated otherwise. And, we take comfort in knowing these are authentic autographs.  

Mike Reisinger and the staff of ReichPM are wonderful to work with, always professional and eager to help you get the most from your fundraiser. We will definitely continue to work with them in the years to come." 

- Natalie Chaido, Development Coordinator, The Washington Hospital Foundation



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